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I just wanted to give 5 stars to my 1977 Powell Santa Barbara BONES wheels with sealed German bearings that are still riding smoothly. Pics available!

— Mike “Spaghetti”

I’ve been Skating most my life.. Bones where my first wheel ever! 54mm STF’s baby! I have never been disappointed by any Bones wheels ever! No flat spots, bear wear resistance, and not mention stylish! Yes I’ve tried numerous of other wheels to see if I’ve noticed differences, and trust me my opinion has never changed about Bones. Thank you for consistently make fine quality wheels Bones ???? ❤️

— Joshua “N/A” Ybarra, Just me ????????‍♂️

Hi my name is Bryan and i just had to say i love you bones makes i have been a long time buyerof your product and supporter of your company, as someone who always shops with your top brands, i was windering if there are any stickers or freebies thatyou could send my way

— Bryan “Sbhtx” Vicente

dear bones i bought your 54 mm wheels and they have lasted me for a while now and they are really good so i was hoping that you were able to send me free promotional items are stickers have a great day thank you

— nery “lildweeb” lopez


I just started skating about a month ago and started off with another brand of bearings and switched over to the bones reds and loved them. I got three more sets of em and now I got the big balls for my longboard. I love your guys’ stuff and I’m gonna get bones wheels next time I need new wheels. You’re a great company and I’m recommending reds bearings to all my friends cause I love em so much.

Thanks Bones,
Nick Bardash

— Nick Bardash

Hey, just wanted to tell you that the Bones ATF rough rider tanks. 59mm are so legit. Put them on a cruiser board that i ride in my neighborhood. Its lots of bad sidewalk and rough street around here. These wheels are glassy smooth over nasty ground. They accelerate fast. Cruise fast and turn sharp. This is one of the best wheels I have ever found for the suburbs.

— Justin Thiel

Hi Bones!!

I just love your wheels! Iv'e never skated with anything else than specifically your 52 MM OG Formulas! You guys just make the best wheels and I would give you a 1000/5 star rating! Thank you for providing me with the best wheels ever!

Andrew "Koa" Giddens

— Andrew “Koa the Killa” Giddens

I am amazed by your product, not only your clothing but bearings and wheels. Everything is very high quality and great, I have recommended your products to many people and family and they've also been amazed.

— julio “july” diaz

been skating bones hard bushings for years. ive always hated setting up new trucks but with the hard bushings i can break in new indys faster then the stock bushings that come with them. hands dowm my favorite aftermarket bushings with or without the top washers on the trucks.

— Scott Gallacher

I've been riding bones STF shape V3 and bones reds for at least 8 years now and I swear by these wheels. Hands down the best wheels you can buy! Thank you for making quality products. Also the Bones team rules!

— Kevin McQuarrie

Bones Wheels never disappointed me. I skated a set of the 50mm V3 STF Kevin Romar Chains wheels, those lasted me for a year and a half. Currently skating a set of the Sierra Fellers 52mm Doughnut wheels for a year already. Bones Wheels never flatspotted on me nor changed its crispy white color to a dirty yellow color. Plus, they powerslide for days and never get caught up on grinds or slides. I'm sticking to Bones and never switching my wheel game anytime soon.

— Dylan Tran

I can't tell you how pleased I am with my bones STF formula wheels. I skate every day and these are truely the best. They won't flat spot or wear down fast ! These are the only wheels I would buy.

— Joseph LaFrance

I really like the feel and performance from the Bones wheels I bought a couple months ago and they are the bones icons 52mm withe the OG formula. Just a little bummed on how quick I got flat spots but hey at least they are minimal and small compared to other wheels I have had in the past plus I'm pretty aggressive when I skate. Been skateboarding for 20 years now and have always stuck with Bones and Mini Logo. I'm also Rollin on Bones Swiss bearings and I freaking love them. I am able to take everything I do on my board and increase the speed to 11! Hah. But seriously they are quick and smooth like they always have been! Thanks bones!

— logan B.

Hey I wanted to say your wheels are some of the best wheels on the market right now! I've been skating for over 11 years now and over that time i've tried many different wheel company's but i always come back to bones. I have a set on both my pool and street board!

— Joshua Ackerson

Great wheels, smooth and fast. But in the skatepark nobody believe that I am riding these wheels - all the graphics on the wheels are gone, without cleaning or weather condition issues (moisture). Graphics just fall off!

— Antonio Obando

Won the Joslin contest and had a couple of complications but Mr. Washburn made it right even though it wasn't their fault. Received my wheels and couldn't be more pleased with them and Bones as a company.

— Hitomi “Tomi” Garcia

Spf-by far the fastest longest lasting wheels out there. Got 10 years out my last set. 100% less flat spot -bones sticks by their product if u flatspot a wheel on a piece o gravel locking up wheel. i f u ride 100% park, there is nothing better, an here is your wheel! Chester, 35 years skating.

— Chester Frantz

For a while, I was skating spitfire wheels and I thought they were the best of the best. Then my brother, a skater of 12 years, told me to get Bones STFs. Best advice of my life. Bones STF and SPF are the best wheels I've ever skated, they never flatspot and are wicked fast. Not to mention their rad graphics! Plus, they are very affordable. I recently got a set of SPF clears, and they are performing above my expectations. I will definitely be riding Bones for life

— Edgardo “Eddy” Pagaza


This isn't so much a testimonial as it is a thank you.
I know you probably get it all the time, but skateboarding changed my life, and your wheels played a huge factor in that. So much so that today I became one of the proud few to ink your logo into my skin for life!

I'm only 24, but due to injury my skating days are a few years behind me, but the feeling of a fresh set of bones wheels is so engrained in me that I felt it was necessary to make a permanent mark. And for that I salute you.

Thank you,

— Aaron “Aar” Gilsenan

I have skated spits in the past and ricta also and they weren't too bad but Bones just destroys all other wheel companies! They last so long and i've never seen a fault in them. My first bones (which were given to me by my friend and he skated them a lot) are still skateable! These wheels are ridiculously good! go cop a pair right now!

— Brendan Jackson

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