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All BONES WHEELS manufactured products are warranted against manufacturing defects for the useful life of the product. If you feel your skateboard wheels, bushings, or other BONES WHEELS products were defective, you may send it back to us, freight prepaid. We will inspect it and let you know of our findings. If we decide your returned product was defective or failed to give reasonable service, we will replace that product with a similar, available product of the same or better quality and pay for the shipping back to you. You can send in multiple products to be inspected for your return. We will evaluate each product separate and will replace any and all products found to be defective.

If our experienced inspector decides your product was not defective, you will be informed and asked if you want your product sent back to you, or destroyed. For those not receiving a replacement product, you will be given the opportunity to buy another one at a discounted rate from us.

Q & A

How longs does it take for returns?
It usually takes 3-4 weeks for all returns.
Can I just send in a photo?
All wheels and T-shirts need to be sent in for evaluation. You may submit photos of bushings, risers, or hardware that you are having a problem with to service (@) skateone.com.

Please contact Customer Service to alert us that you have a potential warranty issue before sending in your return and include all your pertinent information with your return so we can contact you and/or ship you the replacement.

Please be assured that we will make every effort to expedite the handling of your return.