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I got bones red bearings & bones wheels for my very first board I ever had built for me. I still use that board today and it's one of my favorite things. When I first skated on it, it was and still is the smoothest I've ever rode. It has the smoothest ride out of all of my friends boards. I need more of these wheels but sadly I don't have the money because skating doesn't pay.
But thanks man,
Joseph Cook

— Joseph “JCook” Cook, Just a Skater

Just wanted to say THANKS BONES for your great quality in products! I'm a proud owner of Bones Wheels, Bearings & Bushings & have been a long time customer. Wanted to take a second to send some feedback and let you know that you guys are appreciated. I know i speak on behalf of a lot of skaters when i say that BONES is top notch and should be considered 1st choice when it comes skateboard gear. THANKS! -DRAZ


Wassup guys, Just letting you guys know that I bought a pair of bones about 1 year ago and I've been skating these wheels ever since. I never skated another set of wheels, and I usually flatspot my wheels in about 1 week and a half. For some reason these wheels will never flatspot. Its like they go forever, and i love power sliding and just to have wheels that take so long to flatspot is just amazing. I'm really looking forward into sending a sponsor me tape for you guys. I really want to ride for you guys till the end of my skating career, It would be an honor to make this happen. Well thats pretty much it, thank you so very much for reading this message. I hope i hear from you guys soon. PEACE OUT AND TAKE CARE (:

— andrew “drew” dunbar

I just wanted to let you know how awesome your products are. I've had my SPF's for moths and they never flatspot no matter how hard I slid on em! Unlike some spits i got...now i know to only ride the best! best urethane, team, and bearings period. Back yall 100% I'm a big fan & I was wondering if you could send me some free STICKERS to give to my friends and advertise your brand with? i just ran out! that would rule! thanks!

— Kasten Adams, carvin' n' slidin'

I've been riding my STF BONES WHEELS for about 2 months maybe 1 and no doubt that they are the best wheels ever I tried. The 100s and Spitfire got flatspots. Ricta's got flatspots and kept breaking my bearings. The BONES WHEELS STF are just perfect! I'll buy them again. They are a bit pricey but worth it.

— Aidan Clarke

Bones Wheels is the best wheels ever! I'm proud to ride with this everyday when i'm pick my skate for a good session.

Thanks for the satisfaction.
Greeting from Belgium !

— Anthony “Soren” Faleme

Bones wheels are the best wheels I have ever got my hands on. They never flat spot, they ride great on rough floor and smooth skateparks. They are thee best wheels in the skateboarding industry. A company that I'm glad I support.

— Johnathon “Johnny” Miranda

Bones STF are the absolute best. They never flat spot ever and last for a long time. I've tried out other wheels, but BONES is always my choice. People tell me spitfires are the best, but I tried them out and they got major flat spots. BONES WHEELS never disappoint.

— Jesus Espinoza

I've been skating for about a year now, and I've tried 3 kinds of wheels: Ricta, Spitfire, and BONES WHEELS feel perfect (my opinion). Spitfires flatspot like they're from the dollar store or something, and Rictas feel way to big even when they're only like 52m. All and all, I really LOVE BONES WHEELS and will continue to buy them until I can't skate anymore.

— Jerell

I'd just like to let you know I like your 52 mm dyet skateboard wheels!

— Wil

I'm 15 now, and have been skating for about 2 years. When I first started skating, I rode Spitfire. Loved the graphics, they did many urethane colors & mixes, and I just thought that wheels were wheels. About 4 days ago, I decided that I'd set up a new board. I had always been curious about Bones, so I figured I'd give them a try. The moment I rolled on those STFs, I could feel a BIG difference. They were WAY harder than F1s, and I could tell that they were way faster, too. And I just love the sound they make when I do reverts. I think it may be hard to switch back to Spitfire. And if I do, it won't be very long before I go back to Bones. Thank you guys for your hard work and great product. You can count on me buying your product in the future.

— Ritter M.

Growing up, I always noticed these bearings in shops that were out of my reach in terms of price. Those bearings were the Bones Swiss Ceramics. Later, I was told all about them by my local shop owner. I put the numbers together, tried his board, and laid down the cash. I have had these bearings for 5 whole years now and they are running as fast as ever. The same shop owner recommended Bones Bushings for my Indy's. I've had those same bushings for 3 years now and my board still feels amazing. I'm an avid skateboarder, someone who skates at least 4 times a week and goes filming with friends. I can honestly say that I will never buy any other bearings and will always have my trucks riding Bones Bushings. Thanks for the great, unmatched products.
Keep rolling.

— Alexander Furtado

Bones STF Formula wheels are the smoothest riding wheels ever. Right from the plastic, your'e ready to cruise around the northeast shit pavement. You can slide without sacrificing the roundness of your wheels.

— Cameron “CJ” Lee

I'm just curious as to who owns bones wheels? What relation, if any, is there to powell-peralta? I rode spitfire for many years and as my tail slides became longer the life of my wheels was becoming smaller. So I switched to bones. I had actually heard (from a friend that works for a different company) that bones wheels had tested far better than other brands. It's been almost a year and I'm still riding my first set of bones! Thanks for making a serious product, I dig em.

— jeremy barber

I was wanting to try and show you guys that I am down for life with
your brand I have your logo tattooed on my shin as proof of it

— Brandon Enright

I just wanted to let you guys know how much i loved your wheels. They are the only wheels I ride because they ride so smooth and never flat spot. I even tried as hard as i could to flat spot them. I was even using my older ones that were really small because I knew if any wheels were. It would be the smaller worn down ones. So I went outside, did some huge power slides and even manually slide the wheels across the ground. After I had done this for quite sometime, I rode them and they rode as smooth as ever. They are also great for stairs and doing nose slides, tail slides, blunt slides and power slides and reverts. They last far longer than any other wheel. I have never been more satisfied in a skateboard company. Thanks for making the best product out there! I will ride Bones wheels for life!

— Sam Kemps

When its rough in the streets stf's keep it smooth. First pair purchased 3 years ago havent bought a different kind/type/brand since thanks for the awesome products.

— nic kauffman, zumiez

I've been skating Bones wheels since my first set of Rat Bones in '84. I've used those as well as G-Bones, OG 100's, and SPF's. All are amazing, and I'm still a customer after all these years.

Keep it up.

— Chris McConnell

I just turned 22 and recently started skating again after taking a hiatus for about 6 years. I'm literally just emailing you to thank you for making INCREDIBLE products. I always skated Ricta wheels and FDK bearings; however, I did my research before building my board and 9/10 websites recommended your STF wheels and your Reds bearings. I'm 110% satisfied.

Keep it the great work, Bones.

One happy customer, Tyler

— Tyler Adams

I bought some bones wheels about 2 years ago and i'm still skating them, I skate pretty much everyday and do a good bit of power slides. They havent really lost size. They were 52's might be around 51 or 50 now but I am very pleased with how they skate excellent grip smooth ride! I will definitly be looking into getting a new pair as soon as im done with these! Big support from Georgia spreading the word from one skater to the next!

— matt webb

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