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I've been skating Bones wheels since my first set of Rat Bones in '84. I've used those as well as G-Bones, OG 100's, and SPF's. All are amazing, and I'm still a customer after all these years.

Keep it up.

— Chris McConnell

I just turned 22 and recently started skating again after taking a hiatus for about 6 years. I'm literally just emailing you to thank you for making INCREDIBLE products. I always skated Ricta wheels and FDK bearings; however, I did my research before building my board and 9/10 websites recommended your STF wheels and your Reds bearings. I'm 110% satisfied.

Keep it the great work, Bones.

One happy customer, Tyler

— Tyler Adams

I bought some bones wheels about 2 years ago and i'm still skating them, I skate pretty much everyday and do a good bit of power slides. They havent really lost size. They were 52's might be around 51 or 50 now but I am very pleased with how they skate excellent grip smooth ride! I will definitly be looking into getting a new pair as soon as im done with these! Big support from Georgia spreading the word from one skater to the next!

— matt webb

I have rode bones for over a year and they are pretty amazing. Im getting a 2nd pair because I love them so much.

— Seton “Semonator” Sieracki

Theres nothing like Bone they are the best the stf last forever and my spfs kill the park love hearin the screech love feelin no flatspots

— Alec

I had some spitfire F1 streetburners i only got them because i heard good things about spitfire but after getting some bones 100 og's i noticed a massive differance the slide was amazing and it always feels like your skating on butter there is no way i will try any other brand i am forever a "boner" just buy them and youl see what i mean

— Mark D

Soy carlos de colombia exactamente de la ciuda de barranquilla y estoy buscando apoyo devido a que en colombia no apoyan mucho el deporte skate quisiera saber si ustedes patrocina skater en colombia... su apoyo me serviria mucho en mi carrera como skater muchas.. gracias

— carlos hernandez “carlos” colombia, ninguna

I have the BONES STF Party Pack wheels. size 52. I just wanted to compliment you guys on the quality of your wheels! They are better than any other wheel companies out there. I haven't had any problems what so ever. Just yesterday, some friends and I went to the top of Skyline in Signal Hill and bombed it. I was doing powerslides the whole way down, and yet. No Flatspots! These are the greatest wheels ever and I will be riding them forever. Bones For Life! Thank you for making such great wheels!

— Joseph “Jamie ” Colon

I used to be strictly a spitfire guy. I would always get super bad flat spots within a few weeks of setting up some wheels. It got so bad that I would just skate with the flatspot because i didn't want to spend more money. Obviously that was super annoying. I finally decided to try BONES WHEELS and Ii am glad I did. I have been skating them for 3 years now with no flatspots. Safe to say I am forever loyal to BONES WHEELS.

— david altstadt

Bones ... Propably the best wheels in Skateboarding.

— Anthony

have stf since one year and love them really nice because i get no flatspots and thats all :)

— Hüseyin

I've been skating Spitfires for years, and finally decided to give an old set of bones another try. After like two tricks, I fell in love with them. I've been skating the bushings for quite a while, which are incredible by the way, so I started rolling on the wheels again.

— Nicholas “nicdalgnd” Johnson

I've been riding Spitfire wheels 4 over 10 years . But I'm riding mostly concrete Sk8 parks(Team Pain) and my boys (Chris Cantwell , Sam Limbaugh) talked me into Bones wheels. I been riding Bones bushings for 2 years and love them, so what the hell its time to try the wheels . I have high standards for products that i use . And guess what ............ Bones wheels are truly the best. "You can teach a old dog new tricks if you have the right product" You can quote on that .

— Shawn Koi, photoghrapher

I have been riding Bones STF Wheels for a long time now and Bones are the best wheels to ride especially with Bones Super Redz Bearings, you'll be riding super smooth! Bones Stf wheels are the best! I love doing power slides and I get no flat spots with these wheels so that means I have a super smooth and fast ride. Bones Wheels FTW!!!

— Ronaldo

I use a bones wheel from first time I play skateboard, thanks bones!

— andrianto “andri ribet” isnurrahman, holy skateboard

Hey ive been skating for about a year. I know im still a rookie and shit but I feel when it comes to bones I know what im talking about... I rode 2 sets of spitfires first ones I flatspotted on purpose just tp get new ones my second pair got got all sorts of cracks and started to round out from doing powerslides and the wheels started to cone... Yesteday I bought my first pair of bones thanks rich from all out skateshop I noticed the differents quick in my crunchy spotts in omaha it is crazy all the technology u pit in ur wheels bones I cant believe how good these stfs feel.. U can skate the worst places and it feel like a skate park smooth THANKS BONES FOR A GREAT WHEEL

— Ethan Lugo

Hey guys,
This is basically an email for Matt Mumford and I understand you guys probably get fan mail a million times a day but I am a local skater from the same area Matt grew up and I am currently pushing for the Boyne Island, QLD, Australia skatepark to be extended and beautified so the local kids can shred. I am emailing today to try and get any support I can from Matt even if I can have a Phone call with him so I can record a testimony telling me how important the local skate scene was for his development into a professional skater. This would a be a great help. Thank you so much for your time.


— Jordan “Dordle” Roper, CQskateboarding

The best in the game! Ohh remembering my first time riding bones wheels? Oh yeah back in mid 2009 I bought some SPF 60mm from this kid that used to be a local at my park when I first started skating bc I had some tiny ass wheels. I remember asking where did you get those from or do you have any more? And he's like ill sell them to you for $5 so I'm like super stoked skated all the way back home for the 5 bucks and put those wheels on my board and I noticed it was super faster and not only that my skating improved over time that I had those wheels, and ever since I started to buy them. Right now i have some STF 60mm double standards, I thank you guys and that kid on behalf for improving my skating at the parks. Ill forever support BONES and even have bones bushings on all my ace trucks :)

— Kevin “Wheelz ”

I was using BONES that a friend lent me about 10 years ago when I started skateboarding. I recently went back to skateboarding again and used BONES for my personal setup. It still feels like the same thing I felt when I skated 10 years ago, damn GOOD!. BONES will never let you down!

— Russel “LC” Rosel

Bones Wheels are so buttery! STF's all day.

— Dave “Sledge” Sledzianowski, Worship Skateboards

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