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I had bones wheels 4 a while now and i think they the best wheels ever invented and made think you bones 4 makeing the best wheels ever.
I hope that guys get back to me soon thank u.

— Abraham “abeB” Mendoza

I tried some different types of wheels And Bones are the best
because they don't flatspot and they last for a long time.

— Davide Beretta

I love your wheels I just bought Jaws 53mm v5. They are the best wheels I ever bought. Way above any other top brand

— Wyatt Williams

First time skateboarder. But heard so much great things about Bones that they will be the first and last wheel i ever skate

— Corey McLeod

How did yall create something that so rich in quality. That is long lasting ,durable and is worth the price? How do you formulate and design it? If there were Creative minds out there who are innovative and are devoted to what people call Skateboarding. How do we , i speak for the public ' and how do we get an internship at any of your locations? Does anyone qualify for equal opportunity?

— Sopheak “Peck or The Don or The Treasurer or ]Peckenstein” Pruong, SantaAnaSkatePark Cblock

Just wanted to show you guys appreciation. For CREATING AND PROVIDING what i call an orgasm on the feet. Im 21 years young, born and raised in Santa Ana California. (714) 93 until infinity. Thank you guys for providing for my country too. I really like how Bones wheela are in Cambodia. NOW they are riding the same thing i choose to ride and they too can enjoy the same (what i call) luxuries that i do.... i know i am a nobody and you probably give to shits about some kids in Cambodia. But Keep up the great work and keep pushing. From @Peckenstein from Santa Ana and your friends @10kSkateshop In Cambodia. Peace!!!


The company Bones Wheels has made my day twice now . First when I bought my Bones OF 100s , and now with my second purchase , Bones All Terrain Formula . I am getting close to eating dirt , and rolling on like a champ . BONES WHEELS KICK A$$ !! Thank You .

— marcus “REZ”

I love your wheels I have 53 mm wheels and the haven't flat spotted or chiped so I just want to say thanks for putting in work for your skaters throughout the world!!

— Wyatt Williams

I love Bones I've skated Bones my whole life each pair I've skated I've used at least a year or more Bones wheels are the bomb!!

— Wyatt Williams

You guys should make some color wheels on the new SPF 81B!!! SPF the best wheels Ever!!!

Thanks, Ed

— Ed

To whom it may concern:
In the past couple of months, my 10 year old son, Nicholas, was given a skateboard by his mother. Now, all hell has broken loose! He lives in Ocean Beach, California and close to a Skate Park. On his Speed Demon board from Wal-mart, he went to the park and became a whole new kid. He started slow as all beginners and with the help of an instructor, he started learning how to skate.
My son became passionate about skateboarding, but was not getting the performance out of his board that he wanted, so that's when the research started. Jumping onto the net, my son and I learned about the other side of skateboarding. The board and parts themselves. Little by little, he was switching out parts and our research kept leading to you guys.
First, I switched his bearings to the Bones Reds bearing with the black box. For beginners, these were the “skateboard forums recommended” ones to get. Once he put them in, we Immediately saw an improvement in his speed. The bearings spun forever. These bearings were awesome! Speed increased but something was missing. He was getting higher in the bowls and rolling longer without slowing down but he was still riding sluggish. He wanted all Bones on his board and asked if it was possible to replace his standard wheels. He lives with his Mother, who has no income after work injury, so I work a couple jobs to support them and myself so he rarely asks me to get him anything. With that said, I had to get him your STF V5 53mm wheels and Hardcore (medium) bushings. My son changed to them right away and hit the park. It was like putting high performance parts on a car. It was amazing!
My son's 11th birthday is coming up next week and he only wanted a new deck. I got him deck and hollow trucks. With his skill progressing as fast as it is, now he's about to have a good professional “Boned” out board. With the money he has received, he asked if I could get him a new set of bearings for his new board he's going to get. He asked for the Bones Super Reds, the ones in the red box. He loves your products and is very happy with Bones. My son is getting better doing rock to fakies, kick turns, drop ins, and other things he's learning, but he's already indicated that his next set of bearings will be your Bones Swiss Precisions.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and for allowing to gloat a little bit about my son and his new passion. I was actually writing to express, not only my satisfaction with your products and but to say thank you for making us feel comfortable and confident that he has the right equipment to skate on. He's gone from first steps, to stepping out of his comfort zone. Thank you very much.

— Samuel Read

54mm ATF Mudder Fudders (white)
These wheels are so smooth and sweet on asphalt. I keep trying to ride my Spitfire 99a's, but have to change them back to the ATF's.
The difference in glide and push distance is amazing, if you actually use your board to get from point A to point B, or just love carving and gliding asphalt, these are your wheels.
The soft ATF formula soaks up the rattle on asphalt without feeling sluggish at all, yet they still feel responsive like hard wheels and seem to Ollie just fine.
After skating for 40 years, I have found my favorite wheels.

— Tim Dougherty

Just have to say that Bones wheel and bearings are the best I've ever ridden. Nothing can compete against Bones. Thanks yo!

— Oswlado “Waldo” Baena

Aloha from hawaii, I have been setting up my thunders with your bushings for many years now. But on my toyota Tacoma the stabilizer bar bushings have been wearing fast because I have a lift so I decided to try the bones hard bushings instead and it's been working great thank you. I wanna send you guys a pic but don't know how to put it onto this

— Neil Collins

I bought the BONES STF V4 and I've been skating them for about a month and they got flat spots. I thought the stf's didn't get flat spots?

— Armando “Mando” Rojo

Bones are BY FAR the best wheels out there! I've had all types from 51mm 101A's to 56mm 80A AFT's. I find the bigger softer wheels are great for street, and unlike other companies, Bones wheels don't wear out or warp. Will never use any other wheel brand!!!

— Bill Fields

I've always been a big big fan of bones wheels and i feel like i need to give credit where credits due i've been riding the same wheels for 3 years and they have really stood the test of time i just think that your product is amazing from your wheels to bearings you guys never cease to be outstanding and have pushed my skating.

— joshua “Jfresh” ogunade

I just wanted to say thanks for completing my skating exerience, without your wheels and bearings. I wouldn't skate right. I feel super smooth and good rollin with Bones. To be honest im riding Spitfire Wheels and Bones Bearings, but Next Wheels im able to get is definately Bones. Its way better. Thank you! I would love to support you guys all round.

— Joshua “Joshy” Cotto

Immediately closer to landing board slides on curbs. I have the bone's 100 55 mm wheels and haven't looked back!

— Soren “Scruggs” Hallberg

I really love your wheels, the first ones the i really had, right now i dont know where the are but they wheere the greatest wheels that i ever had, so i will love something from you guys for my skateboarding collection.

— Frank “Santiago” Feliz

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