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I Barely Bought My Bones Wheels Not Even A Month Ago There 50s STF's I Skate Skateparks And I Got A Flat Slot Already Like Wtf? This Sucks...I Love Skating Bones too..

— Alex “Flacco” Barahona

just got bone's 100's in the 55mm. Couldn't be happier and I am landing way more tricks!
The wheels are real "greasy" and help slide through nose slides, etc. Thanks bones!

— Soren “dubs” hallberg

I recently bought a custom skateboard, and I have to say with so many selections and limited budget it was a daunting task picking the right parts. My biggest concern was choosing the right wheels. Fortunately the sales clerk at the skate shop was very helpful in finding the perfect wheel set. After patiently clarifying all the terms and asking what my main use for my skateboard would be for, he recommended the STF Haslam V3 52mm wheels set. I have used many other brands before but after buying this set I have to say the Bones company has gained another loyal customer and fan. I loved the wheels, and the fast and smooth ride it provides. Just wanted to say great job!

— Vincente Mendez

Loved these since day one. Slide is perfect. No flatspots. Love the bushings too. I ride really loose and my indys never fail with bones wheels and bushings. Bones really knows their s**t. Straight up.

— jason

I have only ridden bones wheels since I started skating because I have never had a pair flat spot, they slide well and the quality of the wheels are amazing! Thanks Bones for making my skateboarding experience so far better

— Kyler Hale

I love bones wheels but the V5 series dont come in a bigger sizes i love to skate a 57 or 58 wheel. and i love the shape of the V5

— Kyle Algera

"Love Dem Bones" man, will ride them for life foe show!!! I'm 36 and still at it on 52's 101a-80a for street and 50/51's(100's) in the park. You'll love em too, I promise!!!

— Greg “G-Money” Oldham

I would like to have some stickers for my board and I love your wheels they are smooth when I ride it

— Rhealyn

I need to test V5 51mm or 54mm! Sendo to me in Brazil son! I´ve BONES for long time!!!

— Helton “Helton” Santos, Intelbras

Y'all got the best wheels in the game, the Skatepark formula is the bees knees.. Spitfires and other wheels are for nerds who don't understand how to really nail powerslides. cheers

— Arion “Miley Cyrus” Alesna, Hesh

I have been skating mostly Spitfires for the last 15 years and just wasn't pleased with the wheels lately. I decided to give some BONES SPFs a try and I must say, they're amazing! Best wheels i have skated!

— Amie A.

I got my first set of Bones wheels about a 3 months ago, i've fell in love with them since then.
I ride Bones stf 52 on every setup of mine, it has amazing grip, even for the skatepark ones.
I also love them because i can do powerslides much easier, THANKS BONES!

— Kurt

Muito bom mas podia ficar meelhor.

— Daniel “Daniel” Júlio B, Boua

Bones DTF are the ideal wheels for skating rougher surfaces without sacrificing the ability to powerslide. Also, they don't flat spot at all. Now, even the most sketchy places are skateable. Thanks Bones for being made in the USA! This is the 75b/95a wheel I've always been looking for!

— Paul “Damian Gnarly” Fortsch

I am always picky with my wheels and I LOVE to powerslide and I was always a spitfire customer but their wheels flat spot in 2 weeks so I got their f4s weren't supposed to flat spot. And they did in 3 weeks next set I got bones STF and I'm never riding anything again
Theyre slide is so sick its like sliding on butter and their wheels are fast and I swear they never flatspot! So much better than any other company their wheels last sooo long u won't be dissapointed with these wheels they are the best wheels out there bones company really knows what their doing !!

— zack “greens” ball

Dear Bones

I have been skating for as long as i can remember. I think i got my first board when I was 7 and now im shy of 30 by a year. With that being said I simply want to thank you for producing QUALITY products. I'm not a rich man. I know when I buy Bones I'm buying quality. I've been a customer of your products for about 10 years or so. I think I've been riding the same set of Bones swiss for about 2 years and clean em every so often. Still rolling fast. Your wheels dont flat spot either. Which is amazing really. I'm residing in St. Louis and the ground here is shit. But your products keep me rolling.

Thank you.
Trent Smith

— Trent Smith

Yo Bones I love ur stuff especially ur bearing and ur bushings that come on my fav theeve trucks. But I can't afford every time to purchase the top quality & A1 higher end products u make like Swiss ceramic so I just get reds thank on behave of all skaters.

But if I don't win this contest I might not get to keep skating.

— Jordan

Your wheels are dope! Best wheels ive ever skated!!!! Our skatepark though is looking bad and id like it if youd send some stickers to make it look better!

— E.j. “Asian” Lit

Bones wheel are superior to any other wheel hands down. I have Bones STF gravette 53mm wheels they are Awesome Never switching to another wheel company.

— Monique “Momo” Anderson, None

I have a pair of Bones STF's and they are my favorite wheels ever. I also have Bones Swiss bearings on my long board and nobody can keep up with me. When my friends ask me "What should i get for wheels?' I tell them to get Bones. I personally think that Bones have the best wheels and bearings.


— julian “JBones”

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