BONES WHEELS Bushing Hard Pack

BONES WHEELS Bushing Hard Pack

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BONES WHEELS Bushing Hard Pack

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Truck WidthNo


  • Patented Double Action bushing
  • Chemically bonded core insert
  • High rebound urethane


  • No break in period
  • Highly responsive turns
  • Increased truck performance
  • Improved skating experience

Hardness: 96A

About Bones Bushings

With BONES Bushings™, you will notice a number of positive improvements in the performance of your trucks.

  • There is no break-in period. Just put them in, adjust and skate.
  • Your trucks will be more responsive.
  • Increased truck performance
  • Improves your skating experience.
  • Your turns will be smooth and positive, not floppy or rigid.
  • 3 Hardnesses: Hard Bushing: 96A, Medium Bushing: 91A, Soft Bushing: 81A

When you turn a normal truck, the hanger web puts pressure on one side of each bushing (top and bottom). This squeezes that side and pushes the other side of each bushing away from the kingpin. We call this a single action bushing because only one side of the bushing works for you at a time.

The HardCore insert in the center of BONES bushings connects the two sides of each bushing together by bonding them to the HardCore insert. When the hanger web squeezes one side of a HardCore bushing, that side of the bushing reacts just like a normal bushing, but the chemical bond between the HardCore and the cushion keep the bushing from being squeezed out the other side. It actually increases the resistance to turning because it is held in place by the HardCore insert. This means basically that BOTH sides of the BONES HardCore Bushing are resisting your turning force. That’s why we call BONES Bushings the first double action truck bushings.

How To Install Bones Bushings


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The only bushings I will use Review by Rich
I have never really paid attention to bushings, other than replacing them when they wore out, until I bought a set of these.
Now I will never use anything else. They are leaps and bounds ahead of every other bushing. (Posted on 10/28/2020)
The best bushings Review by Mike
Every set of trucks I get I replace the bushings with these first thing. They have no break in period. out of probably 20 sets only had 1 issue and I am sure it was a fluke. (Posted on 10/2/2020)
best Review by steve
i've ridden many bushings over 45 years of skating ,but these bones hard are in a class of their own.Ever since i found them ,they have been the only bushings i'd ride.Most of the guys i ride with use them as well.A great skateboarding product . (Posted on 6/23/2020)
Perfect Review by Daniel
I ride Venture 5.2 Low and I prefer tighter trucks. These are perfect. They provide stability while the conical shape still gives me control and while turning. I always prefer the white Bones Hard and I use my stock Venture top washer. It's just better than the Bones flat washer and it doesn't make it clicking sound when turning. I also use RipeTide pivot cups which are better than any stock cups to improve turning and eliminate noise like squeaks, clicks, etc. This has been my experience experimenting to make the perfect trucks. Yes, I have truck madness. (Posted on 6/18/2020)
The best Review by DAVID
The best bushings on the market by far. (Posted on 11/22/2019)
the best Review by Brett
these really make your trucks perfect. tight and stable, safer when bombing hills and shoot more straight when pushing! (Posted on 9/27/2019)
Color Review by Supa
I’ve had many sets of bones hard both in white and black. From my experience the white ones are harder. Both great but I prefer the white. (Posted on 6/9/2019)
The only bushings. Review by Ryan
BONES are the only bushings you should even consider. I'm 6'4" 190 Lbs and I use either hard or med depending on set up. I like med/loose trucks. I put BONES Bushings on every truck before they even get wheels put on. Bushings fail from squishing out and getting pinched and stretched. BONES won't. Bushings take a ton of abuse and BONES are equipped to deal. They outperform in all categories. The Hardcore makes a huge difference. You can tell immediately if you break the core while skating. Which rarely happens. (Posted on 1/3/2019)
Excellent Bushings Review by Robert
I'm 6' and weigh 195lbs. Stock bushings in my Indy's are way too soft. The Bones hards work great for me. Beware, they won't fit Indy Lows without grinding them down. They fit regular Independents perfectly though. (Posted on 5/21/2018)
5 stars Review by Brannon
Never blow out! (Posted on 3/23/2018)

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