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BONES WHEELS Bushing Medium Black Pack

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BONES WHEELS Bushing Medium Black Pack

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Product Review (submitted on December 28, 2018):
I have to admit that I was a skeptic when a friend of mine told me that if I were to get the BONES Medium Black and Yellow Bushings, it will make a world of difference. I went to my local skate shop and saw them in the case and thought $10, why not give them a shot?

After I figured out the proper way to put in the bushings based on the instructions (put them on backwards the first time, lol), I rode them around the parking lot and noticed that it did feel a little smoother and responsive.

I took them to my local skatepark and after making multiple adjustments to my trucks to get them as loose as I need them for riding bowls and vert, I can definitely tell a difference. I have had a lot of fun riding at the park since I put these on and also, it makes a huge difference with manuals (remember, I like loose trucks) and I am noticing longer distances with my manuals and better responsiveness when carving the bowl or riding on transition. My other bushings that came with my complete were okay but I don't imagine myself going with any other bushing after my experience. Bones you are killing it! Thanks!