BONES WHEELS ATF Skateboard Wheels Filmers 52mm 80A 4pk

BONES WHEELS ATF Skateboard Wheels Filmers 52mm 80A 4pk

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BONES WHEELS ATF Skateboard Wheels Filmers 52mm 80A 4pk

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Wheel CoreYes
Wheel Diameter52mm
Wheel Width32mm
Wheel Hardness80a
Wheel FormulaATF
Wheel ColorWhite
Wheel Suggested UseAll Terrain
Wheel SurfaceSmooth
Wheel ShapeCORE


  • Flimers
  • 52x32
  • High Energy Core
  • all-terrain formula 80a
  • white

About All Terrain Formula™ (ATF)

All-Terrain Formula™ (ATF) wheels are poured in a special soft urethane we call All-Terrain Formula or (ATF). ATF wheels are excellent for rougher terrain so regardless of road quality, this revolutionary formula will roll you there quickly and smoothly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All BONES WHEELS manufactured products are warranted against manufacturing defects for the useful life of the product. If you feel your skateboard wheels, bushings, or other BONES WHEELS products were defective, you may send it back to us, freight prepaid. We will inspect it and let you know of our findings. If we decide your returned product was defective or failed to give reasonable service, we will replace that product with a similar, available product of the same or better quality and pay for the shipping back to you. You can send in multiple products to be inspected for your return. We will evaluate each product separate and will replace any and all products found to be defective.


Product Performance: Many skaters assume the performance and quality of skate wheels are all the same. A wheel is a wheel is a wheel, they might often say. That's actually not the case. In fact, very large differences exist between the raw materials, manufacturing process, quality control and performance of different wheel brands. Up until now though, a wheel's reputation has been a combination of market hype, market muscle, skater support and word of mouth. Bones wheels popularity is largely a result of superior quality, performance and durability.

Real Value: BONES may not be the lowest-priced wheel, but our abrasion test chart shows why Bones is the best value. After all, what good is a cheaper wheel if it flat spots the first day? BONES wheels offer the best combination of product performance, durability, quality, and customer service available today. In other words, you might be able to find a lower price, but never a better value.

Our Strength: All BONES WHEEL unique formulas are solely developed and produced in our own manufacturing plant located in Santa Barbara, CA. Using drastically different physical and engineering properties for each formula, BONES creates unique urethanes for specific applications of skateboarding.


Customer Reviews

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noiseless wheel Review by HEEJUN AHN
In South Korea, Especially in Seoul city, Most people live in apartment.(flat house). So rolling noise makes some trouble with neighbors on street skateboarding.

Many cities may have same problem.

Filmers 52mm 80a is good for streetskating when you need to avoid making rolling noise.

I would like to suggest to bones factory making noiseless wheels for city skater and cruiser, size 50~53mm, under 80a

Bones forever!! (Posted on 8/21/2020)
Rollin Review by Greg Oldham
Perfect 52mm’s, soft smooth and roll forever, I’ve owned several and will buy more, but get em fast cuz they sell fast, especially the 52’s. (Posted on 5/14/2020)

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