Many skaters assume the performance and quality of skate wheels are all the same. A wheel is a wheel is a wheel, they might often say. That’s actually not the case. In fact, very large differences exist between the raw materials, manufacturing process, quality control and performance of different wheel brands.

To help you better understand the difference of quality between BONES wheels and other popular brands, we have prepared an abrasion test results sheet for you. We think this visual reminder will help you to dispel the myth that all wheels are created equal. It is graphically clear, very easy to use, and showcases the differences in the durability of different wheel compounds.

The Test

First we weigh each set of wheels and then attach them to a fifty pound block. We then drag the wheels on two different surfaces at a set speed and distance. After the test is done we then weigh the wheels again to determine the percentage of material loss for each brand. As you can see by the results BONES Street Tech Formula out performed all other brands by a convincing margin.