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BONES are the best wheels in the game no other company compares to how perfect a BONES wheel is. I am %100 loyale to BONES. If someone said "Oh try these spitfires" I'd be like "your funny". BONES all day every day always.

— Dylan “Bones” Vardy

So I was looking around for some new soft wheels for my new cruiser/filming board setup, and looked at all the other companies and didn't see anything that I liked. I then looked at the Ty Evans Bones ATF's with the Chomp On This graphic, and immediately no questions asked threw my money at that cashier and shot some super reds in them and have never been such a happier fucking camper in my life. Thanks for making these wheels THIS good. Seriously. No joke or gimmick here guys. Bones is all you'll need.

— Nick Fiorilli

I am from a small town in Texas called Waxahachie. , we have on skateshop, who don't give out sponsors, we have no park, and a lot of skaters. I bought my first pair of Bones STF- Sierra Sellers, and I was amazed by the durability and comfortablilty of the wheels. I felt as. If I were cheating in a way, they lasted me twice as long as any other wheels, and didn't run down at all.

— Cameron “Moose or Twitch” McCann

i love bones i have everything they make every pair of wheels to one thing is i like hard wheels and soft the atf are too soft i think you should make one inbtwn like 85a i would buy thoes....

— reece

These wheels are probably the smoothest wheels around and they go great with my setup. Tragedy skateboard, theeve trucks, super redz, and bones stf wheels. I've tried other wheels like autobahn, oj's, and spitfire but I always end up back on my old bones.

Bones are one of the defining brands for skateboarding, they have influenced skateboarding more than any other wheel out their. Plus they look sick on my tragedy skateboard zombie model.

— Jordan, Tragedy Skateboards

I sent in a defective wheel and was stoked when I received a new set, free of charge. They were different wheels (6mm smaller) but will keep me rolling! Thanks to the people at bones!!!

— Carey


— Sebastian “E-SNAG” Orellana

I love skateboarding as much as it is but my parents dont agree with that right now im not going to see JAWS because of some stupid hockey camp but anyway im a filmer and i love the bones filmer wheels!! there so bouncy as long as bones stays alive ill stay alive


Bones wheels are the best!!! I've been riding bones 53mm stf formula wheels for about a year now. They are still in great condition. I highly recommend them and I dont plan on riding any other wheels other than bones wheels. BONES WHEELS FO LIFE!!!!!!!

— Shivam Desai

Advice to any level of skating ability,whether your a rookie just learning basics or someone like me that's been skating for years. I started skating at the age of 11 & I'm now 36. For 25 years, I've NEVER rode any other kind of wheel except Bones. PERIOD!! After doing some homework back then and reading that Bones had actual scientific research & development in their wheels....I was sold then. A "true" company putting in efforts of its own to be the best skate wheel & back it up.....awesome, I'm getting my moneys worth & then some. The "then some" was a fact I was also buying a wheel that wasn't gonna flat spot & "chunk off" like my friends wheels was doing. So as time went on, the ones who chose to keep buying a brand-x just because a certain pro used them or the graphics was cool ALL ended up with a used set of my "old" wheels to skate until they could save up for a new set of wheels because their "cheapies" would be falling apart crumbling! & my "used" set of Bones was soooo much better than their barely broke in crumbling wheels. Needless to say, they all ended up riding Bones after that,time & time again! Bones wheels are the best PERIOD folks!! Don't be tricked by chrome cores lmao, or this & that blah blah these other skate wheel companies try to fool u with folks. Bones has been in the existence of making wheels for DECADES before these crumbling, flat spot chunking wanna-bes ever came along. Anyone can claim to be the best, but for over 30 years Bones wheels have actually been in the action of making THE BEST DAMN SKATE WHEELS EVER....PERIOD!! Now, go get a set & see for yourself! Stay safe!!!

— Stacy Rogers

So basically, skateboarding is all about having fun; we know this to be true above anything else. Now, skateboarding is also about preference, as in the preference between products, tricks, etc. I've been skating since I was 14 years old, and may only be 18 now, but I have skated a lot of different products from various different brands. When it comes down to wheels, my first wheel was a 51mm Spitfire Classic wheel. Now don't get me wrong, for a starter wheel it was good, but I didn't know about anything else. A lot of kids skated Spitfires, it's what everyone recommended in my town. After a few months, the wheels had turned a disgusting yellow color, they had such horrible flatspots that I could hear and feel them as I rode. By this time, I knew it was time for another brand of wheels. I've been skating bones for the past 4 years (with the exception of Ricta's for a brief period due to my shop being sold out of Bones in my size), and it has been one of the best choices in terms of skateboarding that I ever have made. The STF (street tech formula) are hands down the best wheels in the industry as of right now. Out of several sets that I've had (roughly one set a year), I have never had a single flatspot. Plus, the wheels never turn yellow, a sure sign of high quality urethane.
If you've never tried out Bones Wheels, then you don't even know what you're missing... They are hands down the very best of the best. There really isn't any reason to skate another brand. I mean... It's just a known fact that Bones makes the best products.
If you've never tried out Bones, pick the formula best suited for your needs, find your preferred size, purchase it, and go skate. You'll have the time of your life. Skateboarding becomes so much more fun when you aren't worrying about your set-up. Buy Bones!

— Ian Turnbow

When I first started skating in 2007, my first wheels were ATM 51mm wheels, they were good but got all yellow and got flat spots LIKE CRAZY
and then I got Ricta wheels because of all the hype, go the Greg Lutzka gold chrome core 51mm AND IT WAS HORRIBLE, I bought it because of all the hype and their ads, worst fucking wheels ever the feel was weird, and once again, got flat spots. So I went ahead and bought some Bones wheels and had them ever since. Ive been skating the same Bones wheels for 3 years!! and no flat spots NO NOTHING!! It feels like im gliding when im going fast, unlike ricta where it felt like i was in a monster jam arena bumping around and shit. In fact, I let my friend use my board and he said "Oh shit how does your board glide like that, i was going soo fast" he skates Momentum wheels and i told him it was my Bones STF wheels and my Bones super Reds bearings :D I will skate Bones all my life, and Im getting the Chris Haslam wheels sometime this summer!!!

— John “NOSE” Munoz

Bones wheels are dope, They never flat Spot I'm gonna keep buying Bones!

— Cole

When you skate, often there are certain times you know you're gonna be down for life with a company because they make such quality products. Bones is definitely one of those brands, and I back Bones 100 percent.

— Nate

BONES are without a doubt the best fucking wheels in the universe they never ever flat spot and tney just stay nice and white i love riding bones

— matt “herb lover” heurtevant

Bones wheels are the best ive had bones for 2 years and they stay white they last long and all around a good wheel thanks - Bones wheels!

— Dante Lane

I've been skating now for 3 years and all I've skated has been BONES everything hats,t-shirts,bushings,hats,wheels... Everything I absolutely love BONES keep doing what your doing keep it up.

— dalton “rat roller 7” varia

Don't know how I discovered bones, but they were a God send. From my first pair of 53mm David Gravette STF's & the buttery feel I will never forget when I dropped in the mini ramp at UNF Skatepark in Jacksonville, FL will be forever engrained in my memory. So much so it got me to get another set of 54x30mm Motta STF's off ebay for only $25. Then after wanting to save even more weight only 8'' setup with 149 Thunder hollow lights I ordered a pair of 51x28mm STF's. If you never rode bones, get you a set & you will find true happiness. They slide & grip amazing, they ain't no plastic flatspot havin wheels. They are legit, epic, life changing, a must have for any skater. I wish I could get a black bones rat hat, rat t shirt, & some stunna shades, & put ma swagg on but I'm broke. Oneday I will though, oneday. I always let the world know about bones. Guy tried out my board at skatepark today & is probably gonna get a set, he almost bought mine,

— Jason Kulesza, Radius Ramp Co.

I have got to say, I had my OG 100's for about a week, and could already tell a huge difference. I've had Spitfires, Ricta, and Plan B wheels, but Bones is by far the best I've ever used, and I'm never switching back.

— Stephen “Capt. Spaudling” Powers

Hey Guys
Jus bought JAWS' signature line of wheels ... sickest stuff i have ever had... skate all days of the week and pretty hard, still no flat spots or blowouts ... keep up the good work guys
i recently came across JAWS' mo mondays clip.. ill as hell.. definitely one of the young up and comers of the sport... versatile as anyone out there ... What the soundtrack u guys used for his mo mondays clip?
i am thinking it s by sigur ros... just cant find the song ... wana upload it on my ipod, gets me pumped.

— Stan C

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