Our first day out here in Tampa, Florida came out to be a quite succesful day. Trent McClung, Paul Hart, and Dylan Perry were able to practice at "SKATEPARK OF TAMPA" and squeezed in acouple street spots as well. Be on the lookout for our daily blogs on what's going on with the BONES crew out here in Tampa!


SPoT Shop at Skatepark of Tampa was established in 1993. In 2010, they opened a new SPoT Shop on 7th Avenue in Ybor City. It's at 1327 East 7th Avenue next to The Bricks. The phone number is (813) 247-1214. The course has changed every year since the 90's.


Dylan Perry getting robbed right after he lands his trick... Of coarse because Jared Lucas (BONES TM) yells out "Hey Dylan! I need that B-Roll shot!" 


Dylan Perry's Ollie right before his bail. This flat gap is right outside of "The Bricks" one hell of a crusty spot.


As we were skating the street gap we run into Trent McClung as he is going to grub down at "The Bricks" 


Here is one of Paul's homies Nick Blanco getting an Ollie off of the bump with a skateboarde underneath. Unfortunately this crusty street gap got the best of Nick. Next time bud!


Trent McClung here with his flawless kickflip crooks on this whole ledge over manual pad.


Of course Paul Hart is making the Backside Over-Crook look like his B!%CH! Watch out for him when qualifying comes tomorrow!


One of our last spots of the day Dylan Perry getting a Frontside Boardslide on this bus stop bench.