Here is some of the BONES Crew out having a good time before JOHNNY ROMANO'S SKATE JAM.

The DELUXE Crew figured out a creative and fun way to make some cash to donate to MAKE-A-WISH.

Although Jim Thiebaud got fully padded up with about 6 different layers on to do this he still had some guts to do so!

Evan Smith tearing it up during the bowl session!

Felipe Gustavo is always getting pretty technical on these smaller obstacles.

Cody Lockwood with a mean Frontside 360.

Felipe Gustavo managed to auction off his complete for $150.00 and donated it to MAKE-A-WISH!

As you can tell from the photo this was one hell of a product toss! Literally lasted about 10 minutes to fully get rid of all of the free product.