Matt Mumford

Matt Mumford

  • Stance: Regs
  • Hometown: Rockhampton QLD Australia
  • Sponsors: Slave, BONES WHEELS, Adio, Theve
  • Wheel size: 54
  • Favorite food: Burritos
  • Favorite pass time: Pub crawls
  • Favorite place to travel: Oregon
  • Favorite trick to do: Frontside 5-0
  • Least favorite trick to see in videos: Krooked grind to back lip
  • Person you think has gone way to long without a magazine cover: Dorfus
  • Hottest celebrity in non-human character: Rebecca Romaine when she plays "" in Xmen

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Matt Mumford Pivot Fakie Trick Tip Matt Mumford Pivot Fakie Trick Tip
Matt "The Mutt" Mumford is well known for his control on the board, so here he is teaching you how to dominate pivot fakies. Read More
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Weekend Buzz

Weekend Buzz

April 23, 2012

Alex "Trainwreck" Gall, Erik Ellington & Matt Mumford - Weekend Buzz. Read More
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Pool Block Party Teaser
Check out the new Pool Block Party teaser featuring Matt Mumford, Brad Mclain, Kevin Kowalski and many other heavy hitters. Read More
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Matt Mumford

Matt Mumford

September 20, 2010

Matt Mumford is officially on Supra Read More
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