John Motta

John Motta

  • Nickname: Mohn. Mohn jotta. the man pincer
  • Birth date: January Eighth Nineteen Eighty-Eight
  • Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Height: Five foot nine inches as tall as this one girl
  • Weight (lbs.): I'm not fat, so I don't weigh myself.
  • Current Residence: Glendale, Arizona
  • First Sponsor: Beyond image skate shop.
  • How did you first get involved in skating? Now that I think about it, I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, but loved it and hated them so I went my own way with it.
  • Biggest skating influences: Who or whatever makes me go "whoa!"
  • Favorite skate spot: The planet earth.
  • Favorite trick(s): Casper flips
  • Top three activities besides skating: Painting pictures, not getting girls, and fishing.
  • Where do you get your inspiration? Things that make me go "whoa!". Then that thinking time you get right before your about to fall asleep and your just laying there thinking about weird shit. That’s the time I think of the most cool shit so I usually get up and right it down, so I don't forget it then I'll lay down think of something else right it down and then I end up staying up real late repeating that process, and wake up the next day way late and not get any of it done. and Buster O'shea's dazzling video camera magic, just wait you'll see, it'll be your inspiration too.
  • Favorite skater: The ones that make me go "whoa!"
  • Favorite article of clothing: Probably my contacts.
  • Favorite photographer(s): Randy Rivera, Jeff Trish, Matt Price, Ty Bush, and French Fred when ever he takes a photo.
  • Top three favorite skate videos: The ones that make me go "whoa!" its to hard to name three for me.
  • Top three bands: I'm not sure
  • Favorite food: Villa deli pastrami sandwich, if your ever in Arizona with me ask me to take you, if you wanna be aroused.
  • Favorite place on earth: Partys with the pals.
  • Miles flown in a year: 2431.398461
  • Sponsor list:Skatemental, Nike, BONES WHEELS, Super Brand and Royal trucks

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John Motta

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