Jeremy Wray

Jeremy Wray

  • Stance: Goofy Footed or as Snoop said "G-Footed"
  • Hometown: La Habra, California
  • Sponsors: Wray Bros Skateboards, Independent Trucks, BONES WHEELS, Bones Bearings
  • Wheel size: Usually 53mm Wheels
  • Favorite food: Homemade Mexican food
  • Favorite pass time: I like to make art, play pool, and play poker
  • Favorite place to travel: As far as international travel, I love Japan. Here in the states, I just like road trips. Every state has something unique to offer, so go see them all!
  • Favorite trick to do: I like a good Tre Flip, or maybe a solid Frontside 360 Ollie
  • Least favorite trick to see in videos: Anything funky or awkward, like bad inward heels, pressure flips, or laser flips. They've all had their awkward moments on screen
  • Person you think has gone way to long without a magazine cover: Can we get Natas or Gonz back on the cover? That would be nice.
  • Hottest celebrity in non-human character: Non-Human? Like a cartoon? I guess I'll take Pocahontas then...

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Iconic Pros...

Iconic Pros...

October 14, 2010

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