Evan Smith

Evan Smith

  • Stance: Google.
  • Hometown: Orlando, FL
  • Sponsors: DC, Element, Indy, Bones Bearings, FTC
  • Wheel size: 52mm.
  • Favorite food: Breakfast
  • Favorite pass time: Every past time.
  • Favorite place to travel: Taliwa, Costa Rica or Europe!
  • Favorite trick to do: Switch Tre
  • Least favorite trick to see in videos: Over spracked tre flips.
  • Person you think has gone way to long without a magazine cover:Danny Gonzolez should have had the cover for the roof ride. Had to said .
  • Hottest celebrity in non-human character: I don't know. Ongoing debate between Little Mermaid, chick from 13 Ghosts thats possessed but was naked with that knife all cut up and what not or Megan fox for her new film were she eats people.

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evan smith evan smith

evan smith

May 14, 2014

Vote for Evan Smith! Read More
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Evan Smith is SPoT on Evan Smith is SPoT on

Evan Smith is SPoT on

April 21, 2014

In this episode of SPoT On, Evan Smith takes a break from violating our course during Tampa Pro to talk to us about his band, experimental skating, and smoking joints on top of the old vert ramp. Read More
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Evan Smith, Felipe Gustavo, and Cody Lockwood in Houston before and during the 17th Annual Johnny Romano Skate Jam for Make a Wish at Southside SkatePark. Read More
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"The Evan Smith Experience" "The Evan Smith Experience"
Congratulations to Evan Smith for turning PRO! Be sure to check out this amazing video part he just put out. Read More
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Evan Smith Evan Smith

Evan Smith

March 6, 2013

If you thought Evan Smith only skated street, you definitely have something to think about. Read More
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Evan Smith is a badass

Evan Smith is a badass

September 6, 2011

Check out Tuesday 25 With Evan Smith at Skateboarder Mag. Read More
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